Sarah's Family Trip

BookMyWiFi Sarah Family 01

Finally our highly awaited summer holiday trip around Dubai (UAE) is about to kick off. As soon as we picked up the RV, we hit the road and made our way to Sheikh Zayed Road. Everyone is excited!

BookMyWiFi Sarah Family 02

As always, Josh and I decided to rent with BookMyWiFi! Having internet gives us comfort and reassurance regardless of where we go. Kids can entertain themselves online, and we save on hefty data roaming charges!

BookMyWiFi Sarah Family 03

For us a family trip means enjoying quality time, relaxing and letting the kids experience new things. Teaching them about the places they are about to visit is easier with a little extra help from the internet!

BookMyWiFi Sarah Family 04

Last minute decisions are easier to take with a reliable internet connection. On and off the RV, BookMyWiFi's Kit proves to be so useful. Navigating was effortless and stress-free while driving!

BookMyWiFi Sarah Family 05

Ultimately having WiFi helped us get the most out of our trip. Amongst all the lifetime memories, Burj Khalifa (on the left) has a special place for me - and BookMyWiFi's Kit picked up a strong signal even there! Unforgettable! #tepon

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